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You receive comprehensive service franchise development, including:

- detailed classification of franchises, conveniently formed by sectors and categories, with 6 modular photos, video presentation of the franchise and the menu of the enterprise;

- the additional classifier BUSINESS "services for business", allowing you to select the best company for IT integration, implementation construction and installation works, trade and technological equipment, licensing and certification of goods and services, the selection and assessment of personnel, seo and contextual marketing;

- the opportunity to order an independent financial examination of the franchise, having received the feasibility study of pay-back project;

- free professional legal support services and business optimization;

- services IP office for the protection of intellectual property;

- the participation in webinars and round table discussions on industry topics of franchising;

- services for translation documents;

- help in expansion the business in the markets of Belgium, Netherlands and Germany (legal services, brokerage, financial consulting)

The company provides investment services to Russian and foreign clients in the area of organization and conducting of mergers and acquisitions, raising equity and debt financing.

Services are addressed to companies with revenues from $ 10 million.

The list of services:

Sale companies

  • Correct determination of the price of the asset
  • Professional Client's positioning in the investment market
  • Development financial legal structure of the transaction and selling strategy of the company

Buy companies

  • Preliminary assessment of the value of the asset
  • Organization due diligence of the acquired asset
  • Legal audit of the target asset
  • Development financial legal structure for the acquisition of the asset
  • Legal support of the transaction

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Elaboration of the development strategy of the combined company
  • Evaluation of the merging companies based synergies
  • Development financial legal structure for the transaction
  • Legal support of the transaction

Debt financing

  • Analysis of projects in the current financial state of the client to determine the best options to attract funding
  • Assistance in the preparation of marketing materials
  • Participation in negotiations in order to ensure acceptable conditions of crediting
  • Development financial legal structure for the transaction
  • Attracting finance to the company without increasing the debt load
  • Legal support of the transaction
  • Development of rules of corporate governance for ensuring transparency of carrying on business

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