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ArtWine Bureau

ArtWine Bureau это:

Training for staff

  • Aesthetics Wine /Foundation Course
  • The wine like a passion/ Intermediate course
  • Wine Pro/ Advanced Course

Program authors AESTHETICS of WINE, THE WINE LIKE A PASSION of the case enable us to obtain a complete picture of the culture of wine, the producing regions, wine classification, techniques of merchandising and positioning of drinks. Form the stable skills of commercial presentation of wine.

A separate module WINE PRO provides economic and financial insight about the wine like a business. Students receive effective knowledge for management of wine category, financial modeling, profitability of business projects.

Wine tasting events and themed programs for your clients!

• Wine tastings and themed programs for corporate and private clients 
• Presentation and wine catering
• Promotional events and cocktail parties

If you need to hold a corporate event for employees, business partners, filling it with interesting thematic modules, Art Wine Bureau is what you need;

If your corporate event is boring, Art Wine Bureau is what you need;

If you decide to increase the loyalty of their clients or business partners, Art Wine Bureau is what you need;

If you conduct a business event, a business conference the Art Wine Bureau is what you need; we will provide qualified staff, organize appropriate setting of the event, we will arrange the delivery of the best delicacies and wines.

You need it because:

  • Increase the level of customer service of the enterprise
  • Increase trust and customer loyalty
  • Increase attendance and revenue
  • Reduce costs and increase operating margin

 Our clients:

  • The corporate sector
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Hospitality and entertainment
  • Culinary Studio and cooking school

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